Schmooze 2011 is heading our way!

    Posted: 2010-12-13 12:15:45


    World\'s largest database of Jewish Culture launches

    IJPA is pleased to announce the 5th annual gathering and meeting of the International Jewish Presenters Association in New York City on January 11 & 12, 2011 at City Winery.

    The Schmooze conference gathers cultural art centers, Jewish institutions, theatre producers, agents, musicians, filmmakers, academics and others for two days of packed programming, stimulating panels, and dynamic debate on the 21st century Jewish cultural renaissance.

    In addition, one of the organization\'s mandates has been to establish an on line gathering location which could serve as a tool for communication and expansion of all of the individual presenters work, as well as an easy to utilize website to get the most comprehensive look at the artists and producers creating and performing Jewish culture from around the world. In the past few years, the organization has presenting organizations from a dozen countries and hundreds of artists and projects. The website has the potential to help expand the opportunities for both presenters and creators of Jewish Culture.

    \"It has been taken a long time and much our limited financial resources building the sophisticated architecture of the website-but I am confident with the release of the site and all the user-generated information, it will become a vital tool used by JCC\'s, synagogues, performing art centers, artists and producers as the go-to place for information\" said Michael Dorf, Chairman of IJPA and the conference founder. He adds, \"We basically took Web 2.0 state-of-the-art code and built a website which combines modern music industry platforms, performing arts association sites, a touring sites and focused it on our little schetle of the entertainment world.\"

    Please visit

    During the Beta Test of the site, the user name is \"friends\" and the password is \"friends\". We expect the entire site to go public by November 1st. At that date, IJPA members and invited guests will be given individual passwords to allow for access to information and sections based on membership.

    This year\'s two-day conference also will play host to first of a kind luncheon-A feast of Culture, Food and Wine. The luncheon will pair 7 courses of food prepared by 7 of New York\'s best kosher chefs with 7 wines and 7 short cultural offerings including new work of music, film, dance, theater, comedy, literature, and fine art.

    The schedule for the conference will be announced in early December. Cost for the conference is $150 per person for IJPA members, $225 per person for non-members, and includes a breakfast and buffet lunch on the second day. The opening Cultural Pairing Lunch is $65 alone, or can be added with the conference for a total package of $195 for members or $275.00 for non-members.

    Registration is available at

    For any questions or info, please email

Featured Artists

  • Trio C tot de derde
  • The Dutch music group Trio C tot de derde consists of the three young musicians Carel den Hertog (violin), Coos Lettink (accordeon) and Caspar Terra (clarinet). The music they play is inspired by klezmer, music from the Balkans and gypsy-music. They create their own unique sound, performing traditional melodies in a particular and often unexpected way. Since the boy’s enjoy improvisation so much, no musical piece ever sounds twice the same. While improvising, the members of Trio C tot de derde are playfully challenging each other to virtuosity and lyrical sounds. The music they play expresses euphoric happiness, as well as intense sadness, which means music for dancing, but also for dreaming.

  • Rami Kleinstein
  • Rami Kleinstein is known as one of Israel's greatest composers. Rami Kleinstein has often been compared to Elton John and Billy Joel. In 2005 Rami released his latest album, “Harbe Panim” (Many Faces), receiving great reviews and many of its songs penetrated the top of the charts in Israel. In 1997, Rami produced his sixth album entitled "Kol ma She Tirtzi” (Everything You Want) which reached triple platinum after only ten days. This success was no surprise as Rami had already been elected Israeli Radio and Television's "Singer of the Year" in 1995 after his "Tapuchim U’ Tmarim” (Apples and Dates) album reached triple platinum. Rami is also known for composing and arranging music for other singers. ..

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Featured Presenters


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Trio C tot de derde